International Deaf Day
22 October 2009
Afternoon Activities (Part 1)


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Justin Smith and his crew at the Deaf Community Center put together an array of games for the deaf people to enjoy.  The games were all simple enough that anyone could participate in each, and the competition, where it existed, was against the clock rather than against other deaf people.  Those who came and participated had a really good time!

One of the first games many people tried tested steadiness of hand.  A wire loop, connected to a battery and light bulb, was moved along an irregularly curved wire.  The object was to traverse the length of the wire without making contact.  If the loop touched the wire, the bulb lit up.  This was a game made by the community center crew. See their picture under Preparations.

A game testing steadiness of hand

As many girls as boys tried this game although some games seemed to attract more men than women or vice versa.

A game testing steadiness of hand

Another popular game required the participant to wear a blindfold.  Then reaching into two large plastic bins, each containing identical plastic fruits, the player had to find matching pairs of fruits while racing against the clock.

Matching objects by feel

Some people reached into both bins at the same time while others found an object in one and then turned their attention to the other bin to find its mate.

Matching objects by feel

The nice thing about the Deaf Day celebrations was that everyone could participate as much as he or she wanted.  Some raced from game to game and got in line multiple times to win simple prizes.  Others played a few games and then sat and chatted with their friends.

Always there was time for conversation

Off to the side of the DCC yard was an interesting game in which someone dropped a stuffed animal down a piece of drainpipe at irregular intervals. Waiting below was a player with a stick who tried to swat the animal as it fell through the tube and emerged at the bottom.

Swat the tiger

This game was a lot harder than it looked but eventually the tiger had to be retired with most of its stuffings knocked out of it.

Waiting for the tiger to appear

Off in a corner, out of the main traffic patterns, for safety's sake, was a dart game. Players first had to choose a card suit and then hit a card of the corresponding suit on the dart board.

A dart game

This was a difficult game but this young man won a prize.

A winner at the dart game

Another game where the players raced the clock was this one where a fishing pole was used to hook ducks and move them to the yellow basket.

Fishing for ducks

This was one of the popular games where both boys and girls came back again and again.

Fishing for ducks

Pool and billiards are very popular in Cambodia. Even in some of the most remote areas you can find a pool table out in the middle of nowhere, under a tree. The DDP game wasn't played at quite the same level but attracted a steady stream of players.

Miniature pool

Piseth, one of the DDP teachers in Phnom Penh, took on one of his students during the afternoon.

Miniature pool game

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