First Day Meetings

Although the bus trip to Koh Kong was long, the organizers gave us no break when we arrived at the hotel in Koh Kong where we were to spend two nights. We went from the bus to the hotel lobby and dropped off our luggage and then went into the meeting room for some welcoming activities. The Deaf Development Programme now has about 60 staff and some have never met each other because of work in different provinces so we were divided into groups and then gave introductions of ourselves.

Justin Smith beginning the meeting Justin Smith, the DDP deputy director, had set up the committee which planned the three-day event, and he started us off once we arrived at the Koh Kong City Hotel.

A small group drawing a picture Each group was asked to draw a picture to symbolize themselves. The groups had been set up to insure a mixture of staff: deaf and hearing, men and women, young and old.

A group preparing their symbol Another group working on their picture. Each group was given a differently colored khrama (the cotton scarves people are wearing) to identify them and to give the group of sense of unity. This was the blue group. The group in the photo above had green khramas.

A group introducing themselves This is the orange group identifying themselves. Charlie Dittmeier is signing that he works in Phnom Penh.

A group introducing themselves Then it was the turn of the gray group to tell their names, their jobs, and where they worked so that all the staff would know better who was participating in this retreat.

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