Second Day Meetings

After breakfast on the day after our arrival, the whole group boarded the buses once again and traveled to the Koh Kong Resort where we used a meeting room for a series of activities, followed by lunch. After eating, there were more activities in the meeting room until mid-afternoon when the work part was declared finished and the group went down to the beach for a few games or just to enjoy the water. Then it was back on the buses and the group went to a nature park where we had supper. Finally it was back to the Koh Kong City Hotel for the second night.

Resort meeting place The meeting room we used was in an actual resort frequented by visitors from across the nearby Thai border. The organizers decided to use a nice place for this part of the staff gathering as a special treat.

Noting DDP accomplishments One of the on-going activities of the morning was a listing of the accomplishments of the Deaf Development Programme as seen by the staff members.

Justin Smith explaining the program Justin Smith early in the day explained the program that we would be following to help us look at the positive and negatives aspects of our working together at the Deaf Development Programme.

Small group work Small groups were formed to allow staff more opportunity to discuss and list what they saw as good and bad points of their own work.

Report from a small group The seven groups then each gave a report on their discussions.

Results of an ill-advised game The last event of the morning before lunch was an ill-advised game which left a huge cloud of talcum powder floating through the air (and probably clogging the meeting room's air conditioning and the staff members' lungs).

Lunch at the hotel A buffet lunch was then enjoyed by the staff in the hotel's dining room.

Thailand border crossing During the lunch break some staff walked a few hundred meters to the border crossing point where Thailand and Cambodia come together.

Small group report After lunch there was another discussion and group work on what the staff members felt they needed to do their jobs better.

Games on the beach Then the meeting room was abandoned and the entire crew went down to the beach for some games which were unwieldy but fun for the participants.

Playing in the water About half the staff actually went into the water, the Gulf of Thailand. Then it was time to get back in the buses for the trip to a nature preserve.

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