Meetings in Kampot

17 to 19 March 2013

This morning Charlie Dittmeier took Nancy Davies and James Havey to see DDP's operations in Kampot town and then to visit the Epic Arts performance center. Then after lunch the three returned to Phnom Penh.


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19 March 2013

Katie MacCabe and Hallam Goad set up the NGO Epic Arts in Cambodia to promote performing arts for people with disabilities and people without disabilities. Here they arrive at the Epic Arts Cafe with their children for a breakfast meeting.

Hallam Goad and Katie MacCabe and Ben and Ori

Nancy Davies and James Havey came to Epic Arts to eat breakfast and to meet with Hallam and Katie and learn more about Epic Arts and its activities in Kampot.
Nancy Davies and James Havey

Then Charlie, James, and Nancy went to the DDP office in Kampot and met the staff there and got a tour of the building.
With DDP office staff in Kampot

Student at DDP House
Next was a stop at DDP House, DDP's hostel in Kampot where students who are in the education program can stay for two years. This young man was ill today and had stayed home from school.

Leakhena and Nancy Davies
Leakhena is the center manager for DDP's programs in Kampot. Here she discusses some of their activities with Nancy Davies.

The DDP classroom in Kampot
A third stop was at the two DDP classrooms, located in a government school, to meet the deaf students and their teachers.

The final stop of the morning was at Epic Arts' performance center. Katie here offers an explanation of the administrative operations of Epic.
Getting a tour of Epic Arts

As part of their visit to Epic Arts, Nancy and James and Charlie were treated to a dance performance by four of the deaf performing arts teachers.
Four deaf performers

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