Job Training Project




Adventure in
Kampong Cham
1 September 2009


Starting Out

The four DDP staff drove a Maryknoll car from Phnom Penh in the morning and went to the Catholic church in Kampong Cham where they left the car.  After eating lunch they prepared to head into already threatening dark clouds on motorcycles for the trip to visit a deaf woman working diligently to maintain a small business in a remote district of the province.

For long trips, Maryknoll uses several drivers to drive Maryknoll vehicles. In Cambodia the foreigner is always at fault in case of an accident, so having a Cambodian driver is a safety precaution. For shorter trips, such as this one, just two to three hours on a relatively good road, the Maryknollers themselves may drive as Charlie did today. This is the Maryknoll Toyota truck that is shared by all the Maryknoll projects. Maryknoll Toyota truck
Another reason for driving to Kampong Cham was to speak to Fr. Gerard about the possibility of some of the DDP staff staying at the church's staff residence when they come to teach sign language to deaf people in Kampong Cham province next month. This is the residence within the church compound. A staff building at the Catholic church
Celina was to stay in Kampong Cham to observe the DDP teachers in the education program there, but she joined the other three for lunch before they departed for Kroach Chhmar District.  Here are staff of the restaurant preparing vegetables for the meal. Restaurant staff preparing lunch
Many of the International NGOs have programs and activities in the provinces like Kampong Cham, and they often become visible at lunch time. Here trucks from Doctors without Borders and Jesuit Services Cambodia wait while their drivers eat lunch in the town. NGO trucks in Kampong Cham
As the DDP staff finished lunch, dark threatening rain clouds really gathered on the horizon and moved rapidly toward the area. Approaching storm clouds
Anticipating rain--lots of it--Kimhak and Sokly went to a nearby shop to buy cheap plastic raincoats to keep off the worst of the water.  Charlie had brought his raincoat with him. Buying raincoats
Finally back at the church, we parked the truck where it would be safe, and our staff and the motorcycle taxi drivers all donned the new raincoats and prepared to hit the road. Preparing to hit the road

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