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Adventure in
Kampong Cham
1 September 2009


The River

About an hour outside of Kampong Cham town, we came to a ferry that would take us across the Mekong River which runs north and south through the middle of Kampong Cham Province. The Mekong and its major tributaries are an important part of the life and economy of Cambodia.

After riding through the initial rain storms, we eventually neared the Mekong River now following the dark clouds ahead of us. The Mekong is a major waterway, transportation lane, and economic support for the country. The Mekong River appears next to the road
Quite a few small streams and creeks feed into the Mekong and are home to families and their boats situated along the banks. A creek feeding the Mekong River
We were lucky both going and coming to arrive at the river just about the time the ferry arrived so that we didn't have to wait long.  Sometimes it can be an hour or more between ferries, especially if the crossing traffic is light. The ferry approaching
The ferries carry few four-wheel vehicles and most of the ones that make the trip are trucks.  The roads are so bad that not many cars traverse the province's back roads, especially in the rainy season.  The rear of the main deck is a living area, home to the husband and wife couple who operate the boat. The simple main deck of the ferry
As we made our passage across the Mekong, the wife, squatting on the wooden decking, was washing dishes from lunch. The living area of the ferry
Her husband, up next to the pilot house, was in a good mood and wanted his picture taken. The pilot of the ferry
On the west side of the river there were many floating fish farms moored along the shore.  Most of these would be owned and tended by Vietnamese people who live in Cambodia along the Mekong River. Floating fish farms
As we neared the center of the Mekong, a man and a woman in traditional Vietnamese dress sculled up the river in their small fishing boat.  The Cambodian diet depends heavily on fish and fish products. Vietnamese in a fishing boat
On the east side of the river, as the sun was setting and darkness approached a young boy brought the family cow down for a drink before all retired for the evening. Watering the cow

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