Job Training Project




Adventure in
Kampong Cham
1 September 2009


Scenes: Children

Those of us who grew up in the old neighborhoods of larger cities remember running back and forth to the houses of friends on the same street. The same thing still happens in Cambodia although the children are dressed differently, have only the family bicycle and the toys they make, and the houses are quite a distance apart.

As small children we were admonished not to play in the street but in rural Cambodia there are no sidewalks and the street is an extension of the house.  People live a good part of their lives in the streets. It's like their living room. Little girl on the road
This older girl seems reflective. It may be that she is wishing her family had enough money to send her to school also and not just her brothers. Girl walking on the road
These boys are carrying something to sell in the pannier on the back of the bicycle but they're also having fun, too. Two boys with a bicycle
This girls heads for the side of the road to try and avoid the bigger muddy sections. Girl on a bicycle in the mud
This girls has cut the bottom from a water bottle and has it hanging from a string.  Is it a toy?  Is it for a hanging flower?
Girl with a toy
Where there are a few houses together in a village cluster, there's always one special place where everyone gathers to meet their friends, find out what's happening, just hang out--and play betting games.  Notice the two flipflops on the ground as markers.  The kids throw money in a pile on the dirt and then kick sandals close to the flipflops--something like shuffleboard--to see who collects. Village gathering of people

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