International Day of Disabled People 2006

December 3, 2006 marked the 24th world-wide celebration of the International Day of Disabled People and the 9th time it has been observed in Cambodia. The celebration was held in Hun Sen Park near the river in Phnom Penh.

Saorath is interviewed for television

Ngin Saorath is the director of the Cambodian Disabled People's Organization. They ended up organizing IDDP here after the Ministry of Social Affairs messed up the preparations.

DDP booth at the exhibition

About 20-25 booths of different NGOs working with people with disabilities are set up each year. Our booth, pictured here, always draws a crowd because of our friendly group and our giving away fingerspelling guides.

Deaf people at the celebration site

The people with disabilities marched a short distance to the park where the ceremonies were to be held. Here the deaf people cool off in the shade under the canopies.

Deaf dancers before the opening

Krousar Thmey deaf school always provides a team of classical dancers for the opening ceremony. Here the girls talk before their performance.

Other NGOs at the ceremony

PWDs from the different NGOs wait for the Minister to arrive to start the ceremonies.

Minister releasing doves

Mr. Sok An, the Deputy Prime Minister, released two doves after his opening speech.

Wheelchair racers waiting

The most enjoyable part of the day for the people with disabilities are the games. This year there were no "popular games" which all the participants could enjoy.

Visitors to the DDP booth

The DDP staff and students filled the DDP booth all day, giving out brochures and papers showing the Cambodian Sign Language fingerspelling.

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