Farewell for Liza Clews

29 December 2006

Liza Clews worked for five years at DDP in a variety of posts. She came first, as interpreter and co-worker with Colin Allen, to do a mid-term review of the Deaf Development Programme. That led to a position as advisor to DDP which she has continued to do until now. Liza has really left her mark on DDP and the deaf community in Cambodia. Things would not be the same if she hadn't been here. Now her work with DDP is finished and on 29 December DDP had a farewell dinner for her.

The buffet at the farewell dinner
We ate dinner at the Hagar Restaurant which recently opened. Some of our deaf students are receiving job training in another part of Hagar's program.

Friends at dinner
All the staff but two--even the teachers from the provinces--were able to attend this special celebration for Liza. It is good when all the staff have a chance to be together.
Saying thanks to Liza
One of the interpreters says goodbye to Liza while another staff member waits her turn.
One of the deaf people saying farewell
One of the deaf staff working in the provinces offered his farewell and a gift to Liza.
A sad moment for one of the researchers
Some staff spoke of happy memories but there were tears at Liza's departure also.
Liza and a group pose for a photo
The field workers in the Deaf Community Development Project pose with Liza.

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