Japanese Mime Performance

4 February 2007

At DDP Deaf Community Center

Checking the stage beforehand
Koji and Tanaka checking the stage before the performance
Deaf people arriving early
We rented a large tent to provide shelter from the sun
Getting more chairs from DDP
To insure enough seats, we borrowed chairs from the DDP classrooms
A tent provided cover
Everyone pitched in to help arrange chairs for about 80 people
Putting on make-up
Koji and Tanaka used a DCC office as a dressing room
Starting the performance
The tent provided plenty of room but kept the audience close to the stage
Introducing a skit
Tanaka displays a sign switching from one skit to the next
A new skit
The skits reflected scenes from modern daily life
A gift photograph for DDP
The mimes gave a souvenir photograph to DDP to remember them by
a group photo
Afterwards all wanted their photo taken with Koji and Tanaka

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