Women's Day for Women with Disabilities in Cambodia / CDPO
5 March 2007


Speaker's table at CDPO celebration The Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO) is a membership group which people with all disabilities can join. They staged the first of several large celebrations of Women's Day for women with disabilities at their office grounds in Wat Than in Phnom Penh.
More than 300 people came to CDPO More than 300 people came for CDPO's celebration at their center which used to be the site of Maryknoll's Wat Than project for job training for polio and landmine victims. Women were in the majority but a good number of men came to celebrate Women's Day also.
Representatives of a women's NGO Women from different NGOs had the opportunity to voice their concerns at the gathering. Why do people discriminate against us? Why can't we get jobs? Why do men not want to marry us? were some of the questions raised.
The deaf group at CDPO All the deaf staff from the Deaf Development Programme attended the CDPO celebration along with Vichet, our sign language interpreter coordinator who signed for all the speeches and comments.

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