Biking through Cambodia
21 February 2008


Bicycle riders

Most of them went to university together and then they separated, ending up in Asia and North America. But then Peter Ehresmann had an idea of riding from China to Europe, and when the others were contacted, they joined in. Starting in Beijing, they rode south to Hong Kong, then across southern China to Vietnam and Laos, and now to Cambodia. With Peter are Nakia Perason, Drew Spidahl, Jim Durfey, and Takshi, a biker from Japan who joined them in Laos.

The bikers with Celina Campas Celina Campas and Peter Ehresmann went through the orientation for the Maryknoll Lay Missioners together. Celina was assigned to Cambodia but Peter decided to return to teaching in China. Here they meet again at the Deaf Development Programme in Phnom Penh.
Speaking to a class of deaf students at DDP At DDP Celina and Charlie Dittmeier explained the work with deaf people in Cambodia, and then the group visited one of the DDP classrooms where they talked about their journey with the deaf students.
A final picture before departing DDP The next stop for the intrepid bikers is Thailand. There Taksi will leave them and proceed on to Australia to continue his riding. The other four will decide how to get around Burma to continue their trip toward Europe.
On the road again The riders have one more day in Cambodia and then it's off to Bangkok. They cover 35-50 miles a day on average.
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