Installing a Power Generator
for the DDP Office

11 June 2008

Old generator The power cuts in Phnom Penh have been getting worse and last week the electricity at the DDP office was off 1/2 of the work week so we decided we needed to buy a generator. We have three small generators like this blue one which we used in the provinces, but they are 500-watt models, just enough for a light and two fans.


Old generator This is the new generator we bought for $1200. It provides about 5,000 watts, basically enough for the whole five-story DDP building, if we are careful. We have eleven computers but most importantly the new generator allows us to keep the fans going in our classrooms, to provide relief for the deaf young people in temperatures daily in the 90šs.


Old generator These are workmen running a heavy cable from the generator to a new switch box that allows us to connect the building to the generator output when the city electricity fails. Notice the man standing on top of the ladder--totally illegal in countries with laws, but then this is Cambodia where there are no such laws.


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