Ronise Barreras' Last Day at DDP

18 December 2008

Making bohboh Last December, Ronise Barreras arrived to fill the new position of Residential Education Coordinator at the DDP House, the DDP hostel for job training students from the provinces. Now a year later, she finished her contract and DDP staff and students gathered to wish her farewell. Before everyone arrived, Ronise (green shirt) prepared some bohboh, a type of rice porridge, for all to eat.


Ronise, Neang Thary (seated), DDP's accountant, and Keat Sokly, DDP manager, chatted before the farewell began.

Besides preparing the bohboh for everyone, Ronise also inivted a sugar cane drink vendor to set up shop on the DDP House property to give another treat to the students. Here some students carry in the sugar cane which was squeezed into juice.


When the simple ceremony began, Charlie Dittmeier noted the changes that have taken place at DDP House because of Ronise's hard work and genuine interest in the students, and thanked her for all her contributions.

The students who most benefitted from Ronise's presence and activities watch as Charlie thanks her.


DDP had funding for Ronise for only one year but she made very valuable contributions to the living situation for the students at DDP House during that time. She was especially creative in finding new activities and experiences for the students to broaden their vision and view of the world.

Through fortunate good timing, Tashi Bradford (right) brought two deaf people who had just arrived at the airport to the farewell. Ronise had met Ben (red hat) before so there was a happy reunion with him and his friend Jill.

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