Visit from Revista Magazine
18 February 2008


Maryknoll Magazine is an award-winning publication of the Maryknoll mission group based in New York. Because so much of the US Church is Hispanic, Maryknoll also has a Spanish-language publication called Revista. The editor of Revista recently came to Cambodia to develop stories that could be used in her magazine.

Sean Sprague interviewing Charlie Dittmeier and Celina Campas Sean Sprague interviewed Charlie Dittmeier and Celina Campas about DDP. Sean's most common role is as professional photographer but sometimes he also writes articles and today he was filling in for Ms. Linda Ungar who could not come for the interview because of sickness.
Taking photos in a DDP classroom Sean Sprague was accompanied by a second photographer, Peter Sullen, and both of them took many photographs in one of the DDP classrooms.
Taking photos of Celina Campas Because of her Hispanic background, and because she had not yet been featured in the Maryknoll publications, Celina Campas was a special focus for the photographers.
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