Activities of the
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29 December 2009

With a new funding agreement with the Finnish Association of the Deaf, the Deaf Development Programme is expanding its operations outside of Phnom Penh, setting up a regional center in the town of Kampong Cham.  This building will be an activities center with two shops for teaching job skills, an interpreter's office, and a social worker's office. The new funding will begin in January, 2010, and it is hoped that activities can begin in Kampong Cham within a month or so. Tomorrow announcements will appear in newspapers and on the web ( ) for some of the new staff that will be required.

Kampong Cham activities center

10 April 2009

In Hong Kong, the celebration of the Lunar New Year often coincided with--and took precedence over--the church's celebration of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  In Cambodia, the Khmer New Year often conflicts with Holy Week as it does this year.  Here some deaf young people sit at the gate to welcome party-goers as they arrive for a small Khmer New Year celebration on today, Good Friday.  The new year celebration in Cambodia is next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but these students live in the Deaf Development Programme hostel which will close tomorrow so all the residents can return to their rural villages.

Khmer New Year celebration

8 April 2009

For several weeks, Mitko, a deaf man from Bulgaria now living in France, has been visiting our DDP staff member, Tashi Bradford.  Because he had to move up his departure date, Mitko spent the morning at the DDP office meeting the staff and taking pictures.  He is a professional photographer and will display some of his DDP photos in a gallery in France later this year.


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