International Deaf Day
22 October 2009


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Every year the Deaf community celebrates International Deaf Day, a day or even a week of events to call attention to the disability of deafness, to recognize the abilities of Deaf people, and to honor their achievements.  Usually Deaf Day is in the last week of September, but this year in Cambodia we delayed our celebration until October 22nd.

The aim for the 2009 celebration was to have a smaller, simpler celebration that the deaf people would just enjoy. An afternoon of games was planned, and some of the games were created by the deaf staff of the Deaf Development Programme. Here some staff and students work on a battery-powered game testing steadiness of hand.

Preparing a game for Deaf Day

During the work on the game, one of the deaf people arrived on a new motorcycle and everyone went over to admire it.

Admiring a new motorcycle

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