International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3 December 2009


This was the eighth year Cambodia has celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and it was the best one yet.  In the morning, at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Hun Sen gave strong support to Cambodia Sign Language and sign language interpreters--before launching into one of his political tirades.  In late morning and through the afternoon all people with disabilities were able to participate in the various activities held at a park near the waterfront.

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Hannah Stevens of Epic Arts

Hannah Stevens (center), general manager of Epic Arts in Cambodia

Deaf students from DDP

A group of deaf students from the DDP hostel

Sokly with deaf people

Sokly (left rear) stayed with deaf students while staff for the booth ate lunch

The DDP booth

The DDP booth, with space in back for teaching short sign language classes

Stage for performances by people with disabilities

In the afternoon, attention shifted to the large stage for performances by people with disabilities

A gymnastics group

This group was definitely not a disability group!

Deaf people watching the show

Many deaf people stayed throughout the afternoon till the 9 PM closing

A sign language class

Sokchea (left) had an informal sign language class with two new DDP staff members

A group of deaf people

Charlie posed with this large group of deaf people late in the afternoon

Nong Kay, a blind musician

Nong Kay, a blind player of the chapei instrument, performed in the afternoon

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