International Seminar on Sign Language Research
30-31 May 2009


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31 May 2009

Sunday morning's agenda contained three more presentations, including one by Charlie Dittmeier on the development of sign language and of the deaf community in Cambodia.  The talks were interpreted into International Signs by a team of relay interpreters, i.e., hearing interpreters feeding the content to deaf interpreters who signed for the audience.

Charlie Dittmeier making a presentation

The seminar took place in a conference hall in the Faculty of Linguistics at the University of Malaya.  Last-minute registrations had pushed the numbers beyond what the hall could comfortably contain so extra chairs were set up.

The seminar participants

On this second day of the seminar, the schedule was not as inflexible and there was more time for participants to offer questions and comments.

A question from a participant

During the morning and afternoon breaks, the participants adjourned to an adjacent hall where different varieties of Malaysian snacks were offered.

Break time

Again today the DDP staff members set up a display table in the breezeway between the conference hall and the dining hall where people could examine the sign language books being produced at the Deaf Development Programme.

The DDP staff selling sign language books

The afternoon session was a panel discussion. During the first day and a half, participants had been asked to submit questions, and in this session the speakers answered as many as they could in the allotted time.

Charlie Dittmeier answering questions

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