Spotlight Performance

5 December 2009


Epic Arts, an NGO that brings together people with and without disabilities in performing arts, works together with the Nippon Foundation to bring together performers with disabilities from around Asia. Their first big performance, Spotlight, a year ago was a huge success and they look forward to another one in a year or so. But in the meanwhile, in conjunction with a meeting with some performers, they put on a small show this year with four performing groups. About 125 deaf people attended from the Deaf Development Programme.

Preparing for Spotlight

Preparing for the performance is a lot of work. Here Marie (center) and Sokny (right) sort materials in the cramped Epic Arts office.

Epic Arts performance group

The first act was a performance by a group from Epic Arts itself, with two performers in wheelchairs.

Nong Kay

Nong Kay is a well-known blind musician especially noted for his chapei performances, a type of narration accompanied by musical interludes.

Deaf dancers from the Philippines

Three deaf dancers from the Philippines gave a very spirited and energetic performance.

Deaf drummers from Malaysia

A dramatic performance was offered by a deaf drumming group from Malaysia.

The final bow

All the performers gathered on stage for a final bow.

Some of the deaf audience

Some deaf friends who attended the performance.

More deaf people

More deaf people.

After the performance

Charlie with a deaf group who weren't ready to go home yet.

DDP staff at the performance

Some of the DDP staff, all deaf, who attended the show.

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