Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme

Visit to Epic Arts Cafe

9 November 2010

After the funeral for Sary in a rural area of Kampot Province, we went on into the town where we stayed overnight.  The next morning we visited our two classrooms of deaf students in Kampot, and then we stopped in at the Epic Arts Cafe.  Epic Arts is a UK-based NGO that promotes performing arts with people with disabilities and people without disabilities, together.  They have a center in Kampot and also this cafe where people can stop by for coffee, tea, fruit drinks, and home-baked cakes and other desserts.  The cafe also provides its second floor to the deaf community for a gathering space.
Ronise Barreras
Ronise Barreras is a young deaf woman from the United States who has been working with the deaf community in Cambodia for three years.  She started in a support role for the DDP hostel for deaf students in Phnom Penh but is now manager of the Epic Arts Cafe.
One of the kitchen staff
One of the hearing staff at the cafe, a kitchen worker.
Charlie Dittmeier and Dola
Charlie Dittmeier and Dola, a young deaf woman from Kampot.  Dola went through the DDP education program in Kampot and now is employed as a staff member of the Epic Arts Cafe.
Saying goodbye
Finally it was time to leave, and Youra (left) and Sokly said their goodbyes.

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