Staff Dinner
31 December 2010


Especially as our staff has grown larger and in more places, the DDP management has been concerned about morale and developing a good spirit among all the DDP workers.  A sense of family, of working with brothers and sisters, is a real objective.  Although they are expensive, DDP has tried to schedule events to bring all the staff together in a fun and family atmosphere.  This year, after the staff meeting, all the staff went out together on New Year's Eve.

The staff meeting went later than expected so the staff members didn't have a chance to go home first, but just came straight to the Panda Restaurant, known for BBQ and suki soup.
Dinner at a suki soup restaurant
In this restaurant, seating is on cushions on the floor.  For our group of 40+ people, we used a separate upstairs dining area.  We had hoped to have a staff boat trip on the Mekong River, but because it was New Year's Eve, the boats were all fully booked.
One table of staff
The interaction among the staff is wonderful to see.  A dinner like this gives them a chance to just enjoy each other as friends.  The plan for 2011 is to have a two- or three-day trip, maybe to one of the coastal areas, as the main staff event, but it will be in the middle of the year rather than at the end.
Another table of staff
Each of the low tables has a metal well at each end.  A clay pot of burning charcoal is lowered into the well to provide the heat for cooking the food at the table.
Table with fire receptable
Once the charcoal cooking pots are lowered into the tables, trays of fresh vegetables and different kinds of meat are placed out, buffet style, and each person puts together a mixture of raw foods that are cooked in a common pot while the people sit around and talk.
Making suki soup

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