General Staff Meeting
30-31 December 2010


Every year in December, all the staff of the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme are brought together from the provinces and Phnom Penh for a general staff meeting.  The six projects give reports of their activities to update the other staff and Sokly, the manager, goes through various points of policy as a refresher.

One of the advantages of this general staff meeting, now that DDP employees number more than fifty men and women, is allowing staff from the provinces and from Phnom Penh to get to know each other better.  Some staff had never met before this gathering. DDP staff all together
Keat Sokly, the DDP manager, introduced the meeting which was held in the fifth-floor classroom of the DDP office building in Phnom Penh. Sokly introducing the meeting
Touch Sophy, the manager for the Education Project gave one of the first reports.  The DDP school year had just finished several days before the meeting. Reporting on the Education Project
Maly, one of the seven sign language interpreters, helped the deaf staff to understand the proceedings.  The interpreters took turns signing during the two days of meetings.
Sign language interpreter

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