New Signs for DDP

July, 2012

As the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme progresses and continues to develop and expand, we have also tried to make it more professional, both in operation and in appearance. For appearance sake and to help visitors find us, we created a new set of signs to mark our location on Street 101 in Boeung Trabek.

We ordered a set of ten signs for DDP, to mark our presence on the street, to guide visitors once inside our gate, and to promote our new barber training shop which we moved to our office compound. The signs were supposed to be blue on white but....
New signs arriving at DDP

This was our most needed sign, a large board to let people on the street know that they have arrived at the Deaf Development Programme. Our previous sign was too small and was easily missed.
Welding a brace on a new sign

Our office compound has three large gates, and this left-most gate is now the entrance to our barber training school which we built. We hope this new location will engender more traffic, more clients, so that our students get more experience.
Mounting a sign for the barber shop

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