Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme

Deaf Football Tournament

25 March 2012

The International Starfish Foundation, an NGO, has organized several football (soccer) tournaments for deaf youth in Cambodia. They have been a big hit! The tournament on 25 March 2012 was the biggest yet with about ten teams (both boys and girls) participating, and many more deaf people attending as observers. The games were played at the Old Stadium in Phnom Penh.
Football tournament
Team preparing for a game
One of the girls teams
One of the boys teams
Three DDP staff
Three players
I had mass for the Catholic community in the morning and went to the stadium after lunch. One of the players was injured right before I arrived so I spent most of my time at Calmette Hospital where he had some tests rather than at the stadium. (He turned out to be OK.) With the player were our Phnom Penh social worker (left) and a sign language interpreter.
At Calmette Hospital
Another girls team

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