There is an increasing level of interest in learning sign language in Phnom Penh. Hearing individuals, most from different NGOs and organizations and some churches, recently completed six months of a beginner-level sign language course taught by the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme. Today there was a graduation ceremony to mark their achievement and to present certificates. The new graduates have a commendable level of skill with their signing!


Graduation for Sign Language Classes
20 March 2012

After an introduction by Charlie Dittmeier, one student from each of the four classes was invited to speak. Herve Roqueplan used his signs to speak for the Saturday group.
Herve Roqueplan
Stephanie Davis, from the group that met at the DDP office, received her certificate from Charlie Dittmeier.
Stephanie Davis
Justin Smith looked on as one graduated expressed her happiness with her certificate.
A happy graduate
Keat Sokly, the retiring manager of DDP, also presented certificates to the students who finished six months of classes.
Keat Sokly presents certificates
The teachers got the four groups to pose for small group photos. This was the group that met at the DDP office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The DDP office group
After all had received their certificates, everyone gathered outside to celebrate with some soft drinks and fruit and muffins and to practice with their newly acknowledged sign language.
Refreshments after the ceremony
The afternoon ended with another group photograph, this one of all the graduates from the four centers plus their teachers.
All the sign language graduates

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