Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme

Workshop with Singapore Group

16 September 2012

The Methodist Hearing Impaired group from Singapore has started a partnership with the Deaf Development Programme and MHI members are coming several times a year to provide input to the Cambodian deaf group. This weekend the Singaporeans presented a one-day workshop on communications.
Cambodian Deaf people introducing themselves
The program got off to a late start and began with the capacity crowd of deaf people introducing themselves. These four deaf people are the staff of the DDP Sign Language Project.
At the morning break time, the organizers deviated from the normal break snacks and served a rice box even though they were going to serve another rice box at lunch time.
At lunch time, many of the deaf people went out to the porch area of the top floor of the Catholic Social Communications center. The meeting room was air conditioned but many Cambodia people are more comfortable at "room" temperature, even if it is hot.
The gathering tested the limits of the CSC meeting room. The MHI group had planned for about 60 or 70 people but when starting time came in the morning, there were more than 100 deaf people who wanted to attend. Sadly, several dozen had to be told that they needed to have signed up in advance.
Here one of the DDP staff helps to explain an afternoon activity to the group who had been divided into teams. DDP had a team who organized the venue and refreshments and the Singapore group were responsible for the program.
In another activity each team was required to reproduce a drawing. The Singaporeans used their phones to measure the time allotted for the drawings.
Finally the program was completed and it was time to take photos. This photo is of the DDP organizing group together with the Singapore planning group.

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