Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme

DDP Annual Staff Meeting

28 December 2012

Every year the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme holds a general staff meeting. This year 76 staff from Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham and Kampot provinces came to Phnom Penh for the meeting at the Korean Ecumenical Center.
New staff in 2012 stood together
In the opening session of the meeting, all the new staff hired in 2012 were asked to stand, 15 of them, 20% of the staff!
Break time up on the roof
After the first presentations on the agenda, the group moved up to the roof of the center for a coffee break and time to chat with friends and other staff working in other provinces.
Charlie Dittmeier speaking for management
Justin Smith and Charlie Dittmeier presented a vision for 2013 from the management team. Lek Sin Rithy, the program manager, is also a member of that team.
Concluding dinner at a local restaurant
During the rest of the day the various projects and the centers in Kampong Cham and Kampot also gave reports on what they had done and what they hope to do in 2013. Then at 5:00 PM, the whole group moved to a local restaurant near the DDP office for dinner together.

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