Deaf Week 2013

21 September 2013

Every year deaf communities around the world celebrated Deaf Week or the International Day of Deaf People, usually around the last weekend in September. This year the Cambodian deaf community celebrated during the third week of September. At the DDP offices in Phnom Penh, a different activity was held every day.


Today's activity was to be a community breakfast, serving a traditional Cambodian dish called baw-baw. It's like a rice porridge, a convenient and acceptable way to use the leftover rice from yesterday. Here three young deaf women are lighting a charcoal cooking pit. 85% of Cambodia cooks on these every day.
Lighting a charcoal cooking fire

Another part of the cooking crew worked inside preparing some of the ingredients that are added to the rice mush. Unfortunately, on this, their first attempt at such a meal, they were WAY behind schedule and I finally had to leave at 9:10 AM without eating.
Preparing food inside

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