Deaf Week 2013

19 September 2013

Every year deaf communities around the world celebrated Deaf Week or the International Day of Deaf People, usually around the last weekend in September. This year the Cambodian deaf community celebrated during the third week of September. At the DDP offices in Phnom Penh, a different activity was held every day.


One well-received activity that was started last year was a "sampler" sign language class offered to NGOs and other organizations for their staff. DDP sign language teachers would go to the offices of the organizations and give them a sample lesson in sign language. Here Nancy Davies practices what she has learned.
Sign language sample class

Several individuals called DDP to say they would like to participate in the sign language class but were not part of an organization so it was arranged for all the individuals to come to DDP today for a class together.
Sign language teacher and student

Workshop on environment
At the same time as the sign language class, a workshop on the environment was presented to about thirty deaf people in the front open area of the DDP office. Selwyn Hoffmann and Miguel Granados of the DDP staff arranged this and other workshops this week, one each day.

Miguel making a presentation
This workshop focused a lot on recycling and protecting the environment from litter, a big problem in Cambodia where the populace routinely tosses rubbish on the ground or out car windows.

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