Education Project Graduation--Phnom Penh

23 December 2013

The DDP Education Project consists of two years of non-formal education. When students finish Year 2, we have a graduation ceremony, and the graduation in Phnom Penh was held today. The graduating students from Kampot Province also participated because they had a small group. The ceremony was held at the DDP office.


In the beginning, Charlie Dittmeier spoke to the graduates and their families. The parents deserve special recognition for supporting education for their children when deafness is much misunderstood.
Charlie Dittmeier speaking to the graduates

After the distribution of the certificates, the graduating class from Phnom Penh posed with their teacher.
The class from Phnom Penh

One of the girls who graduated with her mother. Most of these students will now join the job training project of the Deaf Development Programme.
A student and her mother

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