Meetings in Kampot

17 to 19 March 2013

We were invited to meet with representatives from Extraordinary Horizon, a Singapore deaf group, in Kampot so I combined that trip with a chance to visit our DDP projects there and to introduce two new Maryknoll Lay Missioners to some of the work in Kampot. We went to Kampot on Sunday afternoon and returned to Phnom Penh on Tuesday afternoon.


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18 March 2013
Normally we take the bus to Kampot but it takes about 5-6 hours so this time we tried a new (for us) Kampot Express van service. The ticket was eight dollars instead of five but it was half the time getting to the coastal city. The van is not for tall people. At 5'8" I couldn't sit with my knees in front of me because the seat in front of me was so close.
Kampot van terminal in Phnom Penh

When we got to Kampot, we checked in at our guesthouse and then took this tuk-tuk to the Epic Arts Cafe but found it was closed already. We then decided to ride to the waterfront and walk along the river.
In front of closed Epic Arts cafe

A new addition to the waterfront was this Tourist Information Center. Here James Havey and Nancy Davies check out what services and attractions are available in the area.
In Kampot tourism office

James Havey in Kampot
Nancy and James were intent on going kayaking and James made several phone calls to locate a guesthouse and resort further up the river where some kayaks were available for rent.

Sunset over the Kampot River
Then we started walking back toward the gueshouse, looking for a place to eat supper. We found one restaurant right on the river. While waiting for our food, a rat ran across the window sill and into the kitchen but the view over the river at sunset was very nice.

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