NTID Visit to Phnom Penh

14-16 August 2013

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf is part of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and a major education institution serving the deaf population, especially in technical areas. In addition to providing excellent education, NTID also is involved in development projects with deaf groups around the world. Mr. Jim DeCaro, an NTID professor, and Ms. Thomastine Sarchet, Associate Director of the Pre-College Education Network, have met with DDP three times in the past and now they have come to Cambodia to discuss plans for future partnerships.


Wednesday / 14 August 2013

Jim DeCaro and Tommie Sarchet arrived in Phnom Penh this morning, and after lunch met with Krousar Thmey and the Deaf Development Programme. Here Hervé Roqueplan (L) welcomes them to the main office of Krousar Thmey before the meetings began.
Herve Roqueplan, Jim DeCaro, Tommie Sarchet

Thursday / 15 August 2013

Today the NTID visitors came to the Deaf Development Programme for meetings. The first stop was the downstairs meeting room where the joint sign language committee was working. The goal of the committee is to promote a common Cambodian Sign Language for the country.
The sign language committee

Then the group went to the upstairs meeting room at DDP for a morning of discussions on a partnership between NTID in New York and Krousar Thmey and DDP in Cambodia. The talks focused especially on teaching sign language and teaching teachers of sign language.
Meeting at DDP

Meeting baby Isabella
After lunch the group moved to the Russian Market to allow Tommie and Jim to buy gifts for friends and family back in the United States. There they also had a chance to meet Vichet, Justin Smith's wife, and their daughter Isabella.

Shopping at the Russian Market
Both Jim and Tommie enjoyed the shopping experience, especially at two stalls where the proprietors know Charlie Dittmeier.

Vichet, Isabella, Justin Smith
During the shopping Vichet and Justin and Isabella sought out a less hot location within the market. The Russian Market becomes quite warm when the sun is on the metal roof--and floods when the rains are a bit heavy.

Friday / 16 August 2013

Meeting at Krousar Thmey
The last day of meetings was held at the Krousar Thmey office. Starting at left: Tommie Sarchet, Kimchhan, Jim DeCaro, Justin Smith, Hervé Roqueplan, Chetra.

Hervé Roqueplan, Justin Smith
During the break, Hervé Roqueplan and Justin Smith had a discussion outside the Krousar Thmey office.

A final lunch together
At the end of the morning, the group walked a short distance to a local restaurant near the Krousar Thmey office for a final meal together. Touch Sophy, the Education Project Manager, joined us for the lunch.

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