Sign Language Committee Ceremony

21 March 2013

For more than ten years, the two major organizations serving deaf people in Cambodia have used two different sign languages. Krousar Thmey, which educates deaf children, uses mostly American-based signs. The Deaf Development Programme uses Cambodian Sign Language. Now the two groups are involved in a major initiative to promote a common sign language for the country and have established a committee to enable them to work together. Today was the opening ceremony for the committee's work.


To open the ceremony, Hervé Roqueplan, the director of Krousar Thmey, welcomed all the committee members and guests. Then Hang Kimchhorn, the deaf program coordinator at Krousar Thmey spoke with Charlie Dittmeier as his interpreter.
Hang Kimchhorn speaking

Then Charlie, the director of the Deaf Development Programme, spoke and emphasized how important it is not only to create a common sign language but for Krousar Thmey and DDP to work together.
Charlie Dittmeier speaking

To commemorate the occasion, we took a photograph of all the participants at today's ceremony.
The ceremony participants

The committee members
These are the eight members of the committee which has four members from each of the two organizations.

The committee at work
After the photos, the committee got down to work, determining schedules and appropriate dates to meet.

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