Interpreter Training

2-3 December, 2013

Sign language interpreting is still a developing skill and career in Cambodia. There are only ten sign language interpreters in the country. When possible we bring in interpreting trainers from outside and this week we had two from Australia working with us.


Before the actual interpreter training started, Ben Souter and Deb Lummis asked if they could observe a DDP Monday-morning staff meeting. They wanted to observe Cambodian Sign Language in action and see how it is used.
Observing the DDP staff meeting

Ben Souter started off with an introduction of himself and Debbie Lummis. Their offering of training to our interpreters was arranged by Australian Volunteers International (AVI) which had brought the two Australian interpreters to Cambodia to facilitate communications for our deaf volunteer, Selwyn Hoffman, at a week-long AVI meeting.
Ben Souter

The training was conducted in spoken English and a mixture of Australian and Cambodian signs. A voice interpreter helped with the verbal communications from English to Khmer.
Using a voice interpreter

Debbie Lummis
Debbie Lummis and Ben worked together as a team. The two of them alone have more interpreting experience than the total of the experience of all our Cambodian interpreters!

Debbie and the group
Debbie and Ben work with VicDeaf, a deaf service organization in Victoria in Australia. We hope that VicDeaf and DDP will be able to maintain some sort of working relationship to allow DDP to benefit from the skill and experience of the Australians.

Ben Souter
Ben adding a comment to Debbie's presentation, from his seat over in the corner. Ben and Debbie volunteered their time and talent for this training. Thank you!

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