Khmer New Year Party--Phnom Penh

6 April 2014

The official three-day holiday for the Khmer New Year is still more than a week away, but because so many people leave Phnom Penh to return to their home provinces for the new year, the Deaf Community Center decided to have their new year party today.


Deaf people usually don't fully appreciate music but many do like to dance. Some have some residual hearing and can detect the beat and often they will lead a line dance.
Deaf people dancing

While not everyone wants to dance, almost all deaf people like to talk. They are very isolated in their daily lives and really value the times they have together.
Sitting and talking

Cambodian culture believes that any celebration has to be LOUD, and that works to the advantage of deaf people who often can feel the beat from a wall of speakers, even if they can't hear the music.
Doing a line dance

A neighbor taking a peek
Next door to the Deaf Community Center is our hostel for job trainees and today's designated cook looked over the back wall to observe the festivities while she was preparing supper.

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