ANM 2005--Days 1 and 2

Day 1 (Monday) was spent in the empty DDP office. The students and teachers were enjoying the last day of the Khmer New Year holiday but Riikka Heikkinen, Justin Smith, Liza Clews, and Charlie Dittmeier met all day, going over the program in general to prepare for the more focused work later in the week.

Day 2 began with an introduction of Riikka to the newly returned staff and students. Smaller meetings with the DDP Director, with the Maryknoll Country Representative in Cambodia, and with one of the Advisors took up the rest of the day.

Meeting at the DDP office No one looks very happy here but the first day meetings weren't that bad. We covered a lot of ground, filling in Riikka about the history and present situation of DDP.
Riikka giving souvenirs to DDP students Riikka brought souvenirs for the staff and students of DDP, and here she gives out pins commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Association of the Deaf to the students.

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