ANM 2005--Day 3

Day 3 (Wednesday) took Riikka Heikkinen around a good part of Phnom Penh. First we visited the Krousar Thmey (New Family) deaf school in Chba Ampeu, across the Mekong River. Then we went to the Disability Action Council where Kong Chetra explained about inclusive education in Cambodia. After lunch there were meetings back at the Deaf Development Programme office.

Riikka talking with deaf students at Krousar Thmey Krousar Thmey is the only other organization (in addition to DDP) serving deaf people in Cambodia. Here Riikka speaks with some students at the KT deaf school in Phnom Penh who were surprised to learn that she has deaf parents.
Visiting a third-grade classroom Krousar Thmey has deaf schools and deaf classrooms around the country only for children who are deaf. DDP tries to focus on educating deaf adults and refers children to Krousar Thmey when possible.
Riikka with Mam Soeung, the Krousar Thmey principal Mr. Mam Soeung is the new principal of the KT deaf school near Phnom Penh and welcomed us this morning. He and Riikka were able to converse easily in French.
Riikka meeting with Liza Clews at DDP Later in the day, Riikka met with Liza Clews (pictured here), a DDP advisor, and with Ms. Neang Rathary, the DDP accountant.

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