ANM 2005--Day 4

Day 4 (Thursday) was spent at the offices of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) where we borrowed a meeting room for our Annual Negotiations Meeting between Maryknoll, FAD, and the Deaf Development Programme. This yearly meeting looks at what has happened since the last time together and looks ahead to the plan of action and the budget for the coming year. A big focus at this meeting was the restructuring of the Deaf Development Programme into an umbrella organization with several projects, some of which FAD can fund.

Our meeting venue at Catholic Relief Services Today's meetings were held at Catholic Relief Services which lent us their meeting room so we could get away from all the distractions and interruptions of the DDP office. CRS is a convenient meeting place because it is only a block from Riikka Heikkinen's hotel.
Charlie, Riikka, and Liza at the ANM Charlie Dittmeier, Riikka Heikkinen, and Liza Clews discuss some of the issues involved in restructuring DDP. Basically it involves breaking a large programme down into smaller parts which are more easily administered and funded.
Thary, the DDP accountant, gives a report Neang Thary (right), the DDP accountant, explains the finances of the past year to Riikka. FAD receives much of its money for funding DDP from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland and must be able to account for the aid it disburses.

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