ANM 2005--Day 5

Day 5 (Friday) was again spent at the Catholic Relief Services meeting room. The focus today was on developing a Plan of Action for 2006-2008, and we started with a project management tool called a Logical Framework Analysis. The Finnish Foreign Ministry requires the use of such tools and over the last two years, we have had to learn a lot about them and their role in what is called Project Cycle Management.

Riikka speaking about DDP's structure Part of the job an FAD Development Officer is to explain the workings of the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland, how they think, the information they need, and the process for applying for funds. Here Riikka Heikkinen makes some comments about the proposed structure for DDP.
Coming back from lunch At lunch time we again went around the corner to a local restaurant for an hour's free time away from the meeting table. This section of Street 57 in front of the restaurant is being repaved, probably because the restaurant owner has paid the municipal government to do it.

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