ANM 2005--Day 6

Day 6 (Saturday) saw the meetings move back to the DDP office which was empty of staff and students for the weekend. The first agenda item was to review the Logical Framework Matrix we produced yesterday, especially to check if our Overall Objective and Project Purpose were accurate. Then we moved to making a timeline for our activities and then budgeted for the different items. We finished up revising the cooperation agreement between the Finnish Association of the Deaf and Maryknoll Cambodia.

Justin Smith working on the budget Justin Smith has a knack for filling in wherever needed, and today he was the board man, putting on the whiteboard all the figures for the project during the next three-year budget cycle.
Liza drying her hands with a fan      Riikka drying her hands on a fan

The CRS meeting room had air conditioning but the DDP office does not, and it was another hot and humid day. During a break Liza (left) and Riikka dry their hands before going back to the damp papers and hard-to-maneuver computer touchpads.

Near the end of the meetings At this point Riikka, Charlie, and Liza (and Justin with the camera) have just about reached the end of the week-long agenda. From here on it was a matter of revising several documents to prepare them for signatures before Riikka's departure.

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