Johanna Karinen





Today we arranged for Johanna to talk with DDP staff to get the overview of our present work. First Johanna attended our weekly staff meeting and then she spent the rest of the morning with Charlie Dittmeier.


First Day of Meetings
6 February 2012

One of the first tasks of the day after arriving at DDP from the hotel was to introduce Johanna Karinen to Keat Sokly, the DDP manager.
Johanna meeting Sokly
A new experience for Johanna was traveling a lot by tuk-tuk. There were no tuk-tuks around when she was here ten years ago.
Traveling by tuk-tuk
For lunch we ate at a Thai restaurant where sitting on the floor was another new experience for Johanna.
Eating a Thai Lunch
After lunch Neang Thary, our accountant, and Johanna discussed the finances of the FAD-funded Deaf Community Development Project.
Johanna and Neang Thary
After a day of meetings, Johanna and the management team went to eat at the Khmer Food Village along with several of the deaf field workers from the Deaf Community Development Project which the Finnish Association of the Deaf funds. Here two field workers follow Johanna's tuk-tuk to the restaurant.
Two deaf staff on motorcycles
The Khmer Food Village is a type of food court near the riverfront in Phnom Penh. Diners can use an electronic card to order a variety of dishes which are then brought to the diners' table.
Ordering food for supper

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