Bicycles for Students
in the Provinces


New bicycles arriving at DDP

3 May 2005 -- Over the past 2½ years of the education program at DDP, we have encountered numerous problems with transportation. The families in the provinces are so poor that once the students are beyond walking distance to our center, they can't afford to come.

Our most common solution has been to buy bicycles for the students and that has improved attendance. Recently we determined that we needed more bicycles so we ordered another 35 of them. This time, however, our teaching team leader decided to buy second-hand Japanese bikes instead of new Chinese models.

Here staff members Bunthok (rear), Vichet, and Sophy wheel the "new" bikes into our office for safekeeping until we can arrange to ship them to the provinces.


Students admire new bicycles at DDP

4 May 2005 -- The "new" bicycles (actually, most of them DO look new) arrived yesterday after most of the students had gone home. This morning they crowded into the office to check out the new wheels and pick out their favorite models and colors. Unfortunately, almost all of these are going to students in the provinces.



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