Sign Language Dictionary Project

17-18 June 2005

The Nippon Foundation in Japan is funding a three-year project to create small dictionaries of practical sign language in four countries in Asia: Cambodia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam.  The Deaf Development Program is the local group in Cambodia working on this project which is now half finished.

Representatives of all four countries are going to meet Friday and Saturday, 17-18 June, at Chinese University of Hong Kong to compare notes and progress and insure that we are all working together.  From Hong Kong, DDP is sending Math Seila, a deaf sign language researcher; Justin Smith, one of our advisors and the staff member working directly with the dictionary project; Liza Clews, another advisor who will interpret for Seila and Justin; and Charlie Dittmeier, the official liaison with the Nippon project.


16 June
17 June
18 June
19 June
20 June
21 June

Travel: Phnom Penh to Hong Kong
Day 1: Meetings at CUHK
Day 2: Meetings at CUHK
Touring Hong Kong
Visiting Family
Travel: Hong Kong to Phnom Penh