Small Business Training

30 January 2007

Stephanie Linder training business students

The first group of job skills trainees is nearing the end of their training in the workshops. Now they need preparation in setting up a small business, record keeping, etc. Stephanie Linder (left, writing) is a deaf advisor from Australia working with the trainees.


Stephanie Linder training deaf students

Unfortunately one of the skills most needed by these trainees is basic math. They never went to a regular school, just to DDP's two-year education project, where the most basic literacy and numeracy is taught. There is a lot more they need to catch up on. A lot of patience is required from Stephanie.


Stephanie Linder and Sou Poly with students
Stephanie uses a lot of games and creative activities to keep the students engaged in learning addition and subtraction. They will learn very little, if any, multiplication and division. Standing next to Stephanie is Mr. Sou Poly, the project officer for the Skills Development Project.

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