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Meetings in Hong Kong
6 March 2008


Meeting and Ceremony

Chinese University meeting place The Asia-Pacific Sign Language Linguistics meetings were held on the campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong.  CUHK's department of linguistics is the administrative center for this sign language project funded by the Nippon Foundation from Japan.
Registering for the day's events Project directors, sign language researchers, linguists, and support staff all attend the day's meetings and a ceremony in the afternoon to initiate Phase Two of the dictionary project.  Representatives were present from Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, United States, and Vietnam.
Chea Sokchea presenting, Charlie Dittmeier interpreting Each of the countries participating in Phase One of the dictionary project (Cambodia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam) gave a presentation about their work. Here Chea Sokchea, a sign language researcher at the Deaf Development Programme in Phnom Penh, explains her work while Charlie Dittmeier interprets into English.
Dr. Woodward explaining the program Dr. James Woodward is the overall coordinator for the sign language dictionary project.  Here at the ceremony marking the beginning of Phase Two and the introduction of Indonesia and Sri Lanka to the project, he explains the work that has been done.
Participants at opening ceremony For the opening ceremony, all the sign language dictionary project staff and representatives from the Nippon Foundation were joined by the professors from the linguistics department at Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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