Sign Language





Sign Language Linguistics Center
7 March 2008


Some of the meeting participants returned to their home countries today.  Those who stayed behind to see more of Hong Kong were invited to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to see the campus and the Sign Language Linguistics Center where the Nippon Foundation project for dictionaries is based.

Linguistics Department office building The morning's tour began in the Linguistics Department's office building where the professors have their offices.
A beautiful campus Then the group walked around the campus which is set on top of seaside mountain.
Feeding the fish At one point the group stopped to feed the fish in a large ornamental pond surrounding a small kiosk on an island.
Home of the language center students From the campus we took our group's bus to the building where the deaf linguistics students from Indonesia and Sri Lanka live during the two years they will study at CUHK.
Home of the language center students The living situations can be quite different from what the Asian students are accustomed to in their home countries where there may be no tables and chairs in a house where everything happens on the floor.
The linguistic center workrooms Then the group went to another campus building where the sign language linguistics work is actually done and where the deaf students study linguistic principles.
Lunch at the end of the tour The tour ended with lunch together in a food court in a campus center building.

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