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Meetings in Hong Kong
9 March 2008


Charlie Dittmeier worked with the Catholic Deaf community in Hong Kong for thirteen years, from 1987-2000, before he transferred to Cambodia.  He still considers Hong Kong home and the deaf community there as close friends.  Today he took Sokchea to the Catholic group's Sunday mass and introduced her.

Preparing projection scripts for the mass Before the mass started, Wong Wing Yam prepared various texts to be projected during the liturgy.  Strong visual aids are very important for a deaf community's understanding.
The Catholic deaf mass Fr. Lam is a priest who has been assisting the Catholic deaf group. He knows only a little bit of sign language but his personality and willingness to communicate make him a very capable celebrant for liturgy for the deaf people.
Charlie speaking about Lent After the gospel, Fr. Lam asked Fr. Charlie Dittmeier to speak about Lent and the approaching Holy Week. Amy Kwok is the sign language interpreter.
Sokchea explaining the Cambodian sign language books After mass, Sokchea was introduced to the Hong Kong group and had a chance to explain the new Cambodian Sign Language dictionaries that have just been printed. She worked on them as a sign language researcher.
Filipina workers on their day off One of the phenomena that distinguishes Hong Kong is the large presence of workers from the Philippines who come there for employment. The mostly women workers usually have Sundays off and they come to the downtown area to meet with their friends and eat and relax together in public places because they have no homes of their own in Hong Kong since they live with their employers.

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