Sign Language Interpreter Training
27 August 2008


One of the difficulties of deaf work in Cambodia is the lack of training available to the Deaf Development Programme staff for their work. There are no organizations or universities that can provide training for teachers of the deaf, for sign language interpreters, or for other staff like social workers with the deaf community. DDP must take advantage of different opportunities such as visiting professionals and courses offered outside of Cambodia to provide professional development for its staff.

DDP sign language interpreters Susan Emerson, Som Vichet, Maly, and Stephanie Linder--advisors and sign language interpreters at DDP--meet to discuss plans for attending a conference in Australia about sign language interpreting.
Liz Scott Gibson and interpreters Liz Scott Gibson (blonde hair), the president of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, gave training to DDP interpreters in a one-day workshop organized as she traveled through Cambodia on the way to Australia.
DDP sign language interpreters All seven of DDP's sign language interpreters participated in Liz Gibson's workshop. Three of them had just been hired the day before.
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