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Graduation in
Phnom Penh
3 March 2009


The Deaf Development Programme offers a two-year non-formal education program to young deaf adults who have never been to school before. The 11-month school year ends in December, and the students from Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang province, and Kampot province who completed their two years of education in December, 2008 had their graduation ceremonies in the first week of March, 2009.

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As Deth Bunthok, the DDP Education Project Officer, began the simple ceremony, the students and Charlie Dittmeier watched. The ceremony was held in an open-air restaurant near the office of the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme. Beginning the graduation ceremony
Then certificates of achievement were presented to the students who studied with DDP from 2006-2008. Six boys and five girls were in the class. Charlie Dittmeier, the DDP director, presented the certificates as Bunthok called the names of the students. Presenting graduation certificates
Keat Sokly is the program manager for the Deaf Development Programme. He began work at DDP just last year so this was his first DDP graduation and opportunity to speak to students who finished their studies.  Som Vichet (in black) is the sign language interpreter. DDP Manager Keat Sokly speaking
Parents and other family members were invited to the little ceremony and lunch. Not many came but those that did were most appreciative of the opportunity for education given to their deaf children. Family members watching the giving of certificates
The students had not been together since finishing their final exams in December so they appreciated the opportunity to be together again and share a meal. After the ceremony most of them went back to DDP to chat with the present students there. Reunited students eating together again
There were eleven students in this class. Some of them have entered DDP's job training project. Others are still deciding what to do for their future. Group photo of the graduates

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